Mian Saheb's Message​

Shri Adnan Farrukh Ali Shah has been an exemplary leader and a beacon of progress for Gorakhpur since 1988. As the Mian Saheb, he has carried forward the rich legacy of his predecessors with grace and dedication. His tenure has been marked by significant advancements in education, community welfare, and cultural preservation.

Under his visionary guidance, the Jawad Ali Shah Imambara Girls Degree College has reached new heights. His commitment to providing quality education, especially for women, has empowered countless individuals and strengthened the community. The permanent affiliation with Gorakhpur University and the grant-in-aid status are just a few of the many achievements that highlight his relentless efforts.

Shri Adnan Farrukh Ali Shah is not only a leader but also a compassionate individual who understands the needs of his people. His initiatives in agricultural development and business have provided sustainable livelihoods for many, reflecting his holistic approach to community development.

His contributions have ensured that the traditions and values of Gorakhpur continue to thrive, blending seamlessly with modern advancements. Shri Adnan Farrukh Ali Shah’s leadership is a source of inspiration, and his efforts continue to shape a brighter future for the region.