About Us

The year 1973 proved a Glorious year for the Muslim minority when Allah, The Almighty inspired Shri Jawad Ali Shah, the then “Mian Saheb” Gorakhpur to contribute in the field of Education. Sri Jawad Ali Shah on one fine morning while sitting with a few of his reliable members of the estate decided to donate a portion of the land from the Imambara Campus for the construction of the building of a girls degree college and also to donate agricultural land of estate to meet out the other needs of the proposed college.

The members sitting around Mian Saheb applauded him for the notable and historical decision and at the same moment every one unanimously opined. That the name of the proposed Girls Degree College under the kind patronage of Sri Jawad Ali Shah be named after him. The managing committee to run the Jawad Ali Shah Imambara Girls Degree College, Gorakhpur was constituted.

Sri Mazher Ali Shah and Sri Haji Altaf Husain were unonimouly installed as the President and secretary of this committee which sought the permission of the Government to run the college with Urdu, Hindi, Economics, Sociology, History, Education and few other subjects. On 10th May 1975 the founder stone was put by the hand of Sri Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna the then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. The moral and spirit to work for the community was so high in the members of the college managing committee that appropriately required Spacious building was erected for the college in no time. Then the classes were shifted in new building.

The founder President Sri Syed Mazher Ali Shah and the founder Secretary Sri Haji Altaf Husain within a short span of four to five years got the college well furnished and equipped. The college managing committee, the college staff, the students of the college and everyone who was attached with the college suffered a great loss in the year 1982 when Sri Haji Altaf Husain, the Secretary left for heavenly adobe. It was great setback for the college. However, Sri Syed Mazher Ali Shah, the president and the other member of the college Committee very wisely and confidently elected Haji Mohd Abdullah as the secretary . This choice proved a boon for the development of the college.

Sri Mohd Abdullah a great businessman and Agriculturist as well as the Principal, energetic woman started working for the college and for its proper development with full devotion, enthusiasm & spirit. The result was that in 1988 the Governor & Kuladhipati of the Gorakhpur University granted permanent affiliation to the college in all the subject taught not only this, under the principal ship of Dr. Asia Jamal Siddiqui the college only in 1990 found itself in the list of grant in Aid. This was a very great achievement for the college. In 1996 the college has achieved the status of a Post Graduate College and every development and every success of the college is because of the kind co-operation, blessings and good wishes of the Patron, President, Joint Secretary and members of the college Managing Committee.

While we relating the history of college the co-operation help and contribution of late Dr. Masood Alam, Mrs. Sufia Ahmad [Ex-Principal of Imambara Inter College, Gorakhpur] Hakeem Abul Kalam Sb. And others can’t be missed.

Mission Statement

Empowering women through quality education, fostering social responsibility, and building a legacy inspired by the vision of Shri Jawad Ali Shah.

This mission statement incorporates the following aspects:

  • Focus on women’s education: The college’s primary purpose is to educate women.
  • Quality education: The college strives to provide excellent academic standards.
  • Social responsibility: The college emphasizes the importance of contributing positively to society.
  • Vision of Shri Jawad Ali Shah: The mission acknowledges the founder’s inspiration.
Our Core Values
  • Philanthropy and Community Service: The college’s founding story highlights the importance of giving back to the community, exemplified by Shri Jawad Ali Shah’s initial donation.
  • Education for All: The college’s establishment specifically for girls’ education demonstrates a commitment to providing educational opportunities for all.
  • Excellence and Continuous Improvement: The passage details the college’s constant progress, from seeking affiliation to achieving grant-in-aid status and postgraduate recognition. This suggests a commitment to improvement and maintaining high academic standards.
  • Collaboration and Leadership: The emphasis on the managing committee and the contributions of various individuals showcases a value for collaboration and strong leadership in achieving goals.
  • Respect and Recognition: The passage acknowledges the contributions of past members, indicating a value for respecting and recognizing the efforts of those who contribute to the college’s success.
Our Philosophy

At Jawad Ali Shah Imambara Girls Degree College, we believe education empowers women to become responsible leaders who contribute meaningfully to society. We foster intellectual curiosity, ethical values, and a commitment to lifelong learning in a nurturing and inclusive environment. Inspired by the vision of our founder, Shri Jawad Ali Shah, we strive for excellence while preserving our rich cultural heritage.

This philosophy statement incorporates the core values identified earlier:

  • Women’s Empowerment: Education is seen as a tool for women to gain agency and leadership roles.
  • Social Responsibility: Graduates are expected to contribute positively to society.
  • Academic Excellence: Intellectual growth and high standards are emphasized.
  • Lifelong Learning: The college encourages a continuous learning journey.
  • Inclusive Environment: A welcoming and supportive atmosphere is valued.
  • Cultural Heritage: The college acknowledges its roots and cultural background.